The buildable sites are often surrounded by existing buildings. In mixed use, commercial and structures with subterranean levels, we need to provide lateral support per building code. Foundation Engineering Consultants provides cantilever shoring design, tieback shoring services and the design of anchored or raker supported excavations. We take the existing soils report, topographic plan, architectural cross sections and structural foundation plan and prepare temporary shoring plan. This may also be called excavation support plans.

We look at excavation cuts, adjacent surcharges, tolerable movements and determine the most suitable shoring elements. In a recent Los Angeles Shoring Project, we had over 70 piles and managed to only have 3 types of W shapes. This increases efficiency of the contractor, reduces field errors and enhances construction cost savings.

We have performed shoring projects in Palo Alto, Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego and many other Cities. Because our firm also performs geotechnical services, we match the soil behavior with the structural design. After all, shoring design is anticipating lateral pressures from the soil and designing piles to withstand such forces.