Foundation Engineering Consultants, Inc., F.EC., is here to provide you timely and practical geotechnical engineering services & recommendations. We thank you for your consideration. Your proposed structure and all the improvements are supported by soils. Selecting the right firm to ensure solid foundation is vital. Often, geotechnical services are less than 1% of the proposed improvement investment. Because of this minor percentage in soils investigation and testing, selecting the lowest priced consultant would not measurably impact the overall project budget.

Our specialties include soils reports for all kinds of structures and the design of excavation shoring systems. F.E.C. provides complete geotechnical engineering services throughout California.

We have issued reports and rendered geotechnical engineering services in Alameda County, County of Orange, LA County, Merced County, Santa Clara County, and San Mateo County. Other counties where geotechnical engineering reports were completed and approved include the City and County of San Francisco, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, San Joaquin County and Ventura County.

We go where your project is & no job is too small. Residential jobs are welcome.

Would you like to request a schedule & price quote? Please note: We quote you a flat rate for a given scope.

NOTE: This is fixed price proposal and we don’t haggle. Approx. 75% of our work is through repeat clients and so there is no need for us to be the lowest priced firm on the market. Our expertise is the use of advanced in-house software, great client service and recommendations based on actual calculations (not typical boiler plate output).

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Locations we have prepared Soils Report or Retaining Wall Plans