Retaining Wall Design

Foundation Engineering Consultants, Inc., FEC, provides soils report and retaining wall design as a package. During the preparation of the soils report for cantilever retaining walls and temporary excavation shoring, we determine the following:

Geotechnical parameters:  These include the bearing pressure the soil or bedrock can withstand, limiting movements post construction, earth pressures, drainage provisions, surcharges and global stability.

Structural design: Design of wall and footing, general, material & construction notes, calculations and retaining wall plans.

Convenience: You deal with one firm so this simplifies contacts and improves accuracy and speed of service.

Construction overview: Since one firm did all the design, we can catch and correct field discrepancies faster.

We have designed: Temporary shoring, Permanent shoring, Underpinning, Soil nail walls, CMU block retaining walls, Cantilever retaining walls, Restrained basement walls, Soil nail walls , and drilled pier supported retaining walls.

BONUS: We use in-house developed software!

Contact us if you have any questions about our retaining wall design services.